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When you are building or doing renovations, you may be asked for a deposit.  Rather than pay the money to the builder or the supplier, use BuildSafe® to keep your money safe until the work is completed…

House Builders and Building Contractors protecting house builders and building contractors financial risk in dealing with new home owners


As a builder, getting paid on time for work properly completed is essential.  BuildSafe® can help you get paid by holding some of the owners money in trust for payment to the builder on completion ...

House Building Subcontractors escrow services for subcontractors working on new home building projects


Being a specialist trade contractor is high risk.  As subcontractors are generally paid by the builder, if a builder is not getting paid then a specialist trade contractor is unlikely to be paid for work carried out ...

Introducing BuildSafe Security

BuildSafe®Retention Trust Fund

Contractors DO NOT let anyone withhold retentions from you unless they are held in trust in a unique BuildSafe® Retention Trust Fund Account established just for you for that project – make the use of a BuildSafe Retention Trust Fund a condition of the employer holding retentions...

Who is Buildsafe Security buildsafe Security is a specialist escrow Service for the home owners and house builders of New Zealand

Who are we?

BuildSafe® is the brainchild of Mr John Green.  Mr Green has 40 years experience in the building industry and developed BuildSafe® to protect both Owners' & Contractors' money during building and renovation projects.  We are committed to …

Costs of our Escrow Services

What does it cost?

The cost of using BuildSafe® varies depending on the value of the work. For a simple project such as a deck worth less than $15,000, it will cost each party $50.  For a $500,000 new home, it would cost $250 per party - much less than talking to your lawyer…


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