BuildSafe is committed to improving the way parties to residential building and construction contracts in New Zealand do business with one another and minimising the risks for owners of losing contract deposits and for contractors of not getting paid for work they have done.

Here is our commitment to you:

1.  We promise  to provide you with  the  information  that you need  to understand  the BuildSafe Security of Payment Scheme and the documents you need to participate in the Scheme in simple clear language so that  you  will  be  empowered  to  make  informed  decisions  about  your  rights  and  obligations  and  save valuable time and money.

2.  We promise to provide you with a highly efficient, fair, no nonsense, and professional security of payment scheme administered and delivered by experienced professionals who you can  trust and who will guide and support you through the process. To do this we will:
  • Maintain a comprehensive and user-friendly website to inform and educate parties to construction contracts and  their advisers about better building practices and procedures and  the BuildSafe Security of Payment Scheme.
  • Provide you with all the forms and documents required for every step in the process from making an  application  to  use  the  BuildSafe  Security  of  Payment  Scheme  through  to  enforcing  an adjudicator’s determination (should this be necessary).
  • Provide you with email and  telephone access  to our experienced support  team who can answer your  questions  about  the  BuildSafe  Security  of  Payment  Scheme  and  who  will  oversee  and case-manage the delivery of our services in relation to your building project.
  • Provide  fair,  effective  formal  Conditions  of  Contract  for  use  by  all  parties  to  residential construction contracts, when using the BuildSafe service.
  • Ensure fair payment regimes apply for each construction contract.
  • Provide access  to  competitive Contract Works and Public Liability  insurance  cover  through our BuildSure Insurance Scheme.
  • Provide access  to  fair, prompt and cost effective binding statutory dispute resolution procedures in the event of any dispute arising.
3.  And most of all, we make an uncompromising promise to treat you with respect and courtesy, to listen and to carefully consider everything  you have  to say  to us, and  to continually strive  to deliver  the country’s most  reliable,  independent  specialist  security  of  payment  scheme  for  the  building  and  construction industry. 

In return, we ask that you please:

  • Contact us immediately if there is anything in relation to our services, or the security of payment scheme that  you  cannot  find  or  do  not  understand,  or  that  upsets,  disappoints  or  puzzles  you. Help  is  only  a phone call or click away and we are here to help and support you all the way. Your earliest advice gives us  an  opportunity  to  prevent  or  resolve  any  problems  promptly  and  helps  us  to  continually  develop, review and improve our services.
  • Provide us with valuable feedback by taking the time to complete our simple survey form.
  • Treat  all  of  our  people  with  respect  and  courtesy  and  carefully  read  and  listen  to  everything  we communicate to you.  
  • Promptly pay our fees and expenses when we ask.
  • Refer at  least one other person  to us so  that we can continue  to develop and  improve our security of payment services for the benefit of all parties to construction contracts.
About Us

At BuildSafe we are driven to be the most recognised and respected provider of a specialist security of payment service for the building and construction industry in New Zealand. This is because we believe that all home owners and builders who are doing building or renovation work deserve to have access to the very best information and services to protect themselves and to ensure that the building process is a positive experience.

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