BuildSafe is an independent service to help you carry out your building project sensibly and safely and to protect your money when you do.
It is simple -  all you do is fill out a simple application form and then pay the "deposit" (called the Security Amount) into the BuildSafe Trust Account.  The money will be held in trust until both parties agree that the works are properly completed (No money will be released without the Owner certifying that the project is complete and they are happy with the work) - if they cannot agree, we help resolve that dispute quickly and easily through our partnership with the Building Disputes Tribunal.


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There is a lot information on our website about how BuildSafe works and how it can help you and other kiwi home owners and builders keep their money safe. We also know that there are many times when you just want to talk to someone about your project or situation - a phone call can often quickly answer a simple question or provide helpful guidance and support to allow you to continue with something, particularly when it relates to a professional service that is not used everyday.


Doing building or renovation work is not an everyday event for most kiwis and we want to help make the process as easy as possible.
To help make building as simple and stressfree as possible,  BuildSafe will:
  • Provide you with a construction contract if you do not have one to use.  The BuildRight Conditions of Contract are drafted fairly and equitably and are free to use on any project where you are using the BuildSafe service.
  • Provide you with all of the documents, tools and support that you need to contract effectively - for example, we will give you payment claims and payment schedules to use to make sure you comply with your obligations under the Construction Contracts Act. We also provide a number of other forms (see our Schedule of Documents that we provide) including a Site Instruction form which you can use to record in detail any variations or requests for pricing of additional work etc.
  • We will explain the ins and outs of insurance and we will help you put effective insurance in place.  This is to minimise the risk to both parties of loss by accident or natural disaster.
  • Help you resolve any problems you may have during the project quickly and cost effectively via the Building Disputes Tribunal Ltd - If a dispute arises at any time during the course of the construction contract or on completion regarding the nature, quality, or value of any building work required to be undertaken under that contract, that dispute is dealt with immediately by a statutory process called Adjudication and the outcome, or determination as it is called, is binding on the parties. Adjudication is the most commonly utilised method of resolving disputes in the building and construction industry, it is quick, cost effective and most importantly binding on the parties. For more on Adjudication or Dispute Resolution for the Building and Construction industry please visit the Building Disputes Tribunal website for further information.


Anyone who is doing building work can use the BuildSafe Service on any size building project - including owners, contractors, builders, suppliers, subcontractors, and specialist trade contractors.

This is because BuildSafe holds the money in trust until the building work is properly completed reducing the risk to owners of the builder doing a runner and reducing the risk to builders and subcontractors of not getting paid the final payment.


Building a new home or doing work to an existing house is exciting and BuildSafe can help you keep your money safe during this process.

Examples of the types of projects that BuildSafe is ideally suited for include:

  •     Building a new house
  •     Adding a room to your existing house
  •     Building a new deck
  •     Redoing your kitchen or bathroom
  •     Adding a rumpus room
  •     Building a new fence
  •     Putting new windows or doors into your existing house
  •     Buying a sunshade or awning for your house
  •     Putting in a pool
  •     Renovating a part of your existing home
  •     Building a new garage or sleep out
  •     Putting down new carpet or tiles
  •     Landscaping works
  •     Adding a new driveway or redoing an existing one
  •     Painting the interior or exterior of your house
  •     Installing a DVS system
  •     Installing a skylight into your existing roof space
  •     Recladding a plaster home to weatherboards
  •     Putting in a new garage door
  •     Reroofing an existing house
  •     Adding insulation to your home
  •     Laying new timber flooring
Our team is happy to talk to you about any project that you may be about to start.
You are most welcome to call our friendly support team for help and advice on (09) 486 7145 or 0508 4BUILDSAFE (O508 428453).
About Us

At BuildSafe we are driven to be the most recognised and respected provider of a specialist security of payment service for the building and construction industry in New Zealand. This is because we believe that all home owners and builders who are doing building or renovation work deserve to have access to the very best information and services to protect themselves and to ensure that the building process is a positive experience.

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